Bill to resolve land status issues passes first reading

  • Richard Worth
Land Information

A Bill which corrects historic oversights, errors or omissions relating to land status has been referred by Parliament to the Primary Production Select Committee.

Land Information Minister Richard Worth said the Reserves and Other Lands Disposal (ROLD) Bill, which today passed its first reading in the House, had been sitting on the Order Paper since July 2008.

"Local authorities, government departments and other interested parties have been waiting for this Bill to progress so relevant land-related matters can be resolved. We are very pleased to have swiftly brought it into the House and referred it to Select Committee."

ROLD Bills deal with non-controversial authorisations, transfers and validations of matters relating to Crown land, reserves and other land held for public or private purposes that cannot otherwise be easily dealt with. The last ROLD Act was enacted in 2003.

Dr Worth said the proposed legislation related to a diverse range of sites throughout New Zealand including Mahinepua Bay in North Auckland; the Sugar Loaf Islands off the west coast of the North Island near New Plymouth; three National Parks; the Octagon in Dunedin City; volcanic cones dotted around Auckland City; and an offshore island marine sanctuary.

The Bill has 58 clauses, covering 17 items. Nine were proposed by the Department of Conservation, six by local authorities, and one each by the Ministry of Transport and the Nelson-Marlborough District Health Board.

Dr Worth said Clauses 6 to 9 of the Bill related to a proposal by Auckland City Council to amend the definition of Albert Park so the Auckland Art Gallery could be extended onto land which is currently part of the park.

"I understand that there is now a difference of view on this item between the Auckland City Council - which requested it - and the Auckland Regional Council, but I consider that the matter is best resolved at Select Committee," said Dr Worth. 

The proposed changes are in the related document below.