Bill to empower urban development projects

  • Hon Phil Twyford
Urban Development

New legislation to transform our urban areas and create sustainable, inclusive and thriving communities will tomorrow be introduced to Parliament, Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford said.

“The Urban Development Bill gives Kāinga Ora-Homes and Communities the tools it needs to partner with councils, communities, mana whenua and private developers to build much-needed homes and infrastructure at pace and scale.

“Our Government wants to create thriving and diverse new communities which have a mix of state, affordable and market housing, good transport connections and great shared open spaces and parks. These will be places where people love to live, work and play.

“Our cities are struggling. Kāinga Ora’s mandate to lead large-scale urban development projects will allow us to build the homes people desperately need using quality intensification. This is part of our Government’s wider plan to create high performing cities, alongside measures to free up planning rules, find innovative ways to finance infrastructure and ramp up the government’s own building programme.

“Large-scale urban developments are often too complex for the private sector to do on their own. By giving Kāinga Ora the powers to be a one stop shop, the agency can reduce their risks and set up investors, and private sector designers and builders, to build great communities.

“The Bill contains safeguards to make sure the benefits of development are balanced against environmental, cultural and heritage considerations. It also recognises the aspirations of Māori in urban development; as potential development partners, as people significantly impacted by historic and current pressures in housing, and through their connections with the land and other natural resources.

“Kāinga Ora will be required to seek the views of key stakeholders in the initial project assessment, and consult the public on the details of the development plan,” Phil Twyford said.

For more information on the Urban Development Bill visit the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development website:  :