• Nick Smith
Associate Minister of Social Services, Work and Income (Work and Income)

The 1998 Budget brings great news for providers in the voluntary child welfare sector. $24million has been reserved, over the next three years, for contracting a variety of programmes from not-for-profit providers.

The focus of this investment is expected to be on specialist services for young people in serious need, but it will include new funding for Iwi Social Services and Family Service Centres.

"This funding represents a major vote of confidence in the expertise and commitment of the voluntary child welfare sector. These decisions will enable CYPFS and voluntary sector providers to build a strong partnership in the care and rehabilitation of children and young people in serious need," said Mr Smith.

Part of these Budget highlights for NZCFA include:

$7.76 million, over the next three years, for Family Service Centres to continue delivery of a range of health, education and welfare services to pre-school children and their families.
Subject to further development work, an extra $900,000 will be available to Centres from July 1999.
$3.151million over the next three years for Iwi Social Services to develop social services for children and young people.
$1.575million to provide for the purchase of community based programmes for adolescent sex abusers.
The Government has also allocated $1.125 million for the purchase of programmes for children and young people at high risk and this funding is subject to further policy work. Services will include counselling, therapy, tracking and mentoring. A further $9.7 million has been reserved for the expansion of at-risk youth and adolescent sex abuser programmes from July 2000.

"The Minister of Social Welfare has already announced funding for developing programmes and new services which will greatly improve the range of interventions for youth who are at-risk. I welcome these major steps to share the responsibility of caring for our young people in need," Mr Smith said today.