Big time savings for small and medium businesses

  • Craig Foss
Statistics Small Business

A leap forward in the use of existing tax data means Statistics New Zealand has been able to halve the number of businesses being surveyed for important economic information, Minister of Statistics and for Small Business Craig Foss says.

Until now, 1800 businesses around the country have been surveyed for the manufacturing, wholesale trade, and services information.

But an improved survey design made possible by better use of existing tax data means that number has been trimmed to 900.

“This is great news, especially as they’re mainly small and medium-sized businesses who won’t have to provide their information anymore,” says Mr Foss.

Statistics NZ estimates the changes will save businesses a total of over 1000 hours a year.

“New Zealand needs first-class economic information so that the country can perform to its best. At the same time this Government has committed to its Better Public Service targets to reduce the administrative burden on businesses.

As well as reducing the number of businesses surveyed, Statistics NZ’s changes will mean an improvement in the quality of the information, as tax data means a much wider view of business than is possible purely with surveys.

“Reducing the effort in dealing with government and giving businesses more time to focus on their business helps New Zealand businesses keep ahead of their international competition,” says Mr Foss.