Better information sharing to keep victims of family violence safer

  • Jan Logie

From 1 July, family violence agencies and social services practitioners will be able to share information to better respond to family violence.

Today the Government released Sharing information safely: Guidance on sharing personal information under the Family Violence Act 2018. This guidance supports the family violence sector to implement new information sharing provisions in the Family Violence Act 2018.

“Sharing information safely will help protect people from harm and promote more consistent responses to family violence,” said Jan Logie, Under-Secretary to the Minister of Justice (Domestic and Sexual Violence Issues).

“It’s about agencies and practitioners working collaboratively and being on the same page so victims and survivors get consistent, appropriate responses and are kept safe.”

Enabling responsible and safe information-sharing between family violence agencies was a key recommendation of the Family Death Review Committee to address the fragmented, sporadic nature of the response to family violence across the system.

The guidance emphasises the importance of obtaining consent and checking the accuracy of their information with people before it is shared to uphold their dignity and safety.

“One of the priorities of this Government is reducing the harm caused by family violence,” said Jan Logie.

“Information sharing is not a panacea. We need a comprehensive, sustained approach to address the problem of family violence and sexual violence.

“This is part of the solution, alongside the significant commitment made in the Wellbeing Budget and the work of the Joint Venture.”


The guidance and decision-tree poster can be found here:

More information on the work of the Joint Venture can be found here:

The Family Violence Act 2018 can be found here: