Bargaining Agents Remain

  • Max Bradford

Bargaining agents are empowered by law in the Employment Contracts Act and they will stay that way, Labour Minister Max Bradford said today.

"There is absolutely no question whatsoever that the Government will remove requirements to recognise authorised bargaining agents. The Government will not consider that," Mr Bradford said

"The leaked paper on bargaining referred to by Radio New Zealand today is an "issues paper" which sets out a spectrum of options, many of which will not be acceptable to the Government," Mr Bradford said.

Mr Bradford said the Coalition Agreement promises to strengthen the access of bargaining agents to workplaces; to resource ways and means of proactively promoting the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers under the Act; and to describe "areas where compliance is necessary to abide by the principles underlying the Act (eg. The obligation to respect the choice of bargaining agent and not undermine the bargaining process by bypassing the agent .)"

"The Coalition Government is committed to a fair, flexible and neutral industrial relations environment. Bargaining agents are an integral and permanent feature of our industrial relations environment," Mr Bradford said.

"Bargaining agents are in the Employment Contracts Act and they are staying there."