Awards Hone Business Performance

  • Max Bradford
Business Development

Business Development Minister Max Bradford is encouraging small and medium sized businesses to enhance their performance by entering the 1997 Business Development Quality Awards.

Mr Bradford said the awards, delivered by the Government and sponsors Toyota, ASB Bank and Air New Zealand, were particularly relevant to young or growing businesses.

Applications for the awards close on June 24.

"Through the assessment process, the awards provide applicants with a "road map" of quality management and best practice tools which enable businesses to compete internationally."

A team of judges, trained to assess against the standards of the internationally recognised Malcolm Baldrige Quality Awards, give applicants feedback on their business and performance.

"I can not over-emphasise how valuable this feedback is to developing businesses, and how much it can improve competitiveness," Mr Bradford said.

"I would encourage all businesses and organisations to hone their competitive advantage by entering the 1997 Business Development Quality Awards."

Application booklets are available from major NZ Post shops and should be sent to:

Business Development Quality Awards
PO Box 199