Availability of 90-day trials extended

The Government has delivered on its commitment to extend the availability of 90-day trials to all businesses, passing the Employment Relations (Trial Periods) Amendment Bill in Parliament today.  

“Extending the availability of 90-day trials is a commitment of the National-ACT coalition agreement, it is something we campaigned on, and it is a priority of our government’s 100-day plan,” Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Brooke van Velden says.  

“Around 72 per cent of all employees in New Zealand are employed by businesses with 20 or more workers. We’ve heard loud and clear from these businesses; they want 90-day trials back.

“By giving all businesses, not just those with fewer than 20 staff, the confidence to take a chance on a new employee without the risk of a costly dismissal process we enable more New Zealanders to find fulfilling work. 

“Workers who are just starting out, those who have taken a break from working or people looking to change careers will benefit from this Bill. Workers who might be considered risky, with little work experience or a criminal background, will benefit from this Bill. 

“It only takes one employee with a poor attitude or who simply does not have the skills to perform their duties to take down an otherwise productive team. 90-day trials give employers much-needed certainty to make decisions and get ahead. 

“Extending the availability of 90-day trials does not mean that all new employees will have trial conditions, rather it provides the option to include trial periods in employment agreements in the future.  

“The extension of 90-day trial periods will take effect the day after the Bill receives Royal assent, giving more businesses the confidence to innovate and grow.”