Aus/NZ Govt Procurement Agreement reaffirmed

  • Steven Joyce
Economic Development

The New Zealand and Australian governments have today re-confirmed their commitment to a single competitive procurement market with the signing of the Australia and New Zealand Government Procurement Agreement (ANZGPA), Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce says.

The ANZGPA has been in existence since 1991 but has recently undergone a review to ensure it is still fit for purpose, in light of evolving procurement practices.

“Today’s announcement confirms the close bond between New Zealand and Australia and the desire to work together to maximise opportunities for both businesses and government agencies,” Mr Joyce says.  

“The agreement provides a level playing field for suppliers to tender for government contracts in either country, regardless of their physical location.”

The ANZGPA is clearly aligned with the objectives and principles of the Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (CER), making the most of opportunities for competitive suppliers and reducing the costs of doing business for both government and industry.

The ANZGPA will be reviewed again in five years’ time.