Auckland hosts world’s biggest Polynesian festival

  • Georgina te Heuheu
Pacific Island Affairs

Pacific Island Affairs Minister Georgina te Heuheu will join thousands of revellers at Pasifika, the biggest Polynesian festival in the world, tomorrow.

Mrs te Heuheu says it is fitting that Auckland - the largest Polynesian city in the world - showcases the biggest Polynesian event in the world.

‘I've regularly attended Pasifika over the last 12 years,' she said. ‘This year I'll be with Prime Minister John Key and there will be a strong turnout of Ministers and MPs.

‘Not only is it a good day out, but it is an opportunity to support the Pacific people who have chosen to make New Zealand and Auckland in particular their home.

‘Over the years, the Pasifika festival has achieved iconic fame. Yet, it is the people, their strength, their vitality and their colour which defines so much of Auckland today.

‘We can all take heart from the pride that Pacific peoples, with their creativity, passion and dynamism feel for Auckland and New Zealand,' she said.

The free festival at Western Springs, organised by the Auckland City Council, the Pacific community and sponsors, opens at 10am and closes at 5pm.

As well as traditional and contemporary entertainment, workshops, demonstrations, stalls and food, the festival will feature a new Sevens rugby tournament with premiere Auckland rugby teams as well as demonstration games of soccer and rugby league.

Tonight Mrs te Heuheu will attend the Pacific cultural celebration organised by the Pacific Islands Board Auckland City at Western Springs.