Auckland DHBs using more eReferrals

  • Jonathan Coleman

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says Auckland’s three DHBs are increasingly using eReferrals, enabling faster more accurate transfer of patient information. 

Electronic referrals (eReferrals) between GPs and hospitals accounted for 75 per cent of the number of referrals for Auckland, Waitemata and Counties Manukau DHBs from April to June 2015 (64,415 eReferrals out of 86,077).

“Replacing hand-written referrals with eReferrals reduces inaccuracies, and produces more detailed information,” says Dr Coleman.

“The electronic system saves time for doctors, and reduces the chance of a referral getting lost or being unreadable.

“eReferrals help to ensure that patients get through the system faster.”

eReferrals can be sent and accessed by authorised health professionals quickly and securely. They can also be monitored and provide transparency on how DHBs prioritise patients.

A new feature of the eReferrals system is the development of a web portal which enables providers who do not have a GP practice management system to refer patients electronically.

“This will enable eReferrals to be offered to an even larger number of providers across the country. The portal will be up and running next month,” says Dr Coleman.

“Work is also underway on the final phase of the eReferrals project, replacing paper referrals within hospitals and between hospitals.” 

The Auckland region DHBs introduced eReferrals between GPs and hospitals in 2012. eReferrals are available in most DHBs in the North Island and were rolled out across the five South Island DHBs in March 2015.