Auckland and Campbell Islands Squid Fishery to be Closed

  • Dr Lockwood Smith
Fisheries and Aquaculture

The squid fishery surrounding the Auckland and Campbell Islands (SQU 6T) will be formally closed at noon on Friday 27 March for the rest of the year, Acting Fisheries Minister Lockwood Smith announced today.

Dr Smith's decision follows further assessment of New Zealand sea lion capture data from Ministry of Fisheries observers.

"Given the risk of the established limit of 63 being exceeded by a considerable margin if fishing continues, and the fact that the fishing industry has already taken the responsible decision to voluntarily withdraw from the SQU 6T fishery in order to avoid further captures, I have decided to formally close the fishery for the remainder of the season," Dr Smith said.

"With the unexplained deaths of sea lion pups and adults in the breeding areas this summer, it is particularly important to ensure that the maximum limit from fishing established this year is not exceeded.

"I commend the fishing industry for taking a responsible and pro-active response to sea lion captures.

"The Squid Management Company's actions have matched the undertaking provided to ministers that the industry would act voluntarily to ensure the maximum limit will not be exceeded."