Auckland’s Tāmaki housing transfer confirmed

  • Nick Smith
  • Bill English
HNZC Building and Housing

The transfer of ownership of thousands of houses today marks a significant step in regenerating the Tāmaki area and improving the stock of social and affordable housing in Auckland, Ministers Bill English and Dr Nick Smith say.

The ownership and management of about 2800 Housing NZ properties in Tāmaki will today be formally transferred to the Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC), which is jointly owned by the Crown and Auckland Council. 

“The Tāmaki Housing Association, a subsidiary of TRC, will tomorrow become the new landlord for Housing NZ tenants who live in the areas of Glen Innes, Point England and Panmure,” Housing New Zealand Minister Bill English says.

“The Government is undertaking a wide range of social housing reforms and the redevelopment of Tāmaki is an example of where we're working to improve the lives of vulnerable New Zealanders, while increasing new housing developments in Auckland.

“The Tāmaki regeneration has a social as well as a development focus – this Government is working hard to empower its tenants to be independent where possible, and a safe and secure home environment is the first step towards that.”

TRC was established to lead the Tāmaki Regeneration Programme, which will see the delivery of 7500 social, affordable and private homes in the next 10-15 years.

Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith says all tenants directly affected by redevelopment and still in need of social housing will be able to stay in Tāmaki.

“All existing tenancy agreements will be transferred from Housing NZ to the Tāmaki Housing Association with no change, and the transfer will not affect their eligibility for social housing assistance.

“This transfer of ownership and responsibility for tenancy management is about more than just houses – it is about delivering on the vision of the TRC for community-based urban regeneration.

“TRC has been engaging with the Tāmaki residents over the past three years to understand their housing, social and employment aspirations, and this transfer will help deliver on this huge community redevelopment project,” Dr Smith says.