Arms Amendment Bill passes second reading

  • Anne Tolley

Police Minister Anne Tolley says a Bill that clarifies the definition of military style semi-automatic firearms (MSSAs), and places controls on the importation of airguns that look like real pistols, MSSAs or restricted weapons has passed its second reading in Parliament.

The Arms (Military Style Semi-Automatic Firearms and Import Controls) Amendment Bill requires importers of such airguns to have a special permit from Police.

“Replica firearms can easily be mistaken for real weapons and are often used by criminals,” says Mrs Tolley.

“This Bill will enhance public safety by reducing the availability of airguns that look like real pistols, MSSAs or restricted weapons.

“At the same time, it takes into account the interests of legitimate firearms users.

“The Police can grant permits if there are special reasons, for example for sporting and collecting purposes.

“The restrictions won’t apply to the importation of airguns used in paintball sports, or those that are manufactured solely as toys, as long as they don’t look anything like real weapons.

“The Law and Order Select Committee recommended a number of changes after carefully considering public submissions, and I believe this has strengthened the Bill.”