Appointments to Valuers Registration Board

  • Louise Upston
Land Information

Minister for Land Information Louise Upston today announced the appointment of Victoria Murdoch and re-appointment of Evan Gamby to the Valuers Registration Board – the authority that oversees the performance of New Zealand’s land valuers.

“Ms Murdoch is Christchurch-based and has worked mainly in urban valuation for nearly 20 years. She’s also the third woman to be appointed to the Board since its creation in 1948,” says Ms Upston.

The Board has also re-appointed long-serving member, Evan Gamby, for the next three years.

“Mr Gamby started with the Board 25 years ago and has extensive property advisory, valuation, property management and arbitration experience.

"The Valuers Registration Board ensures New Zealanders receive a high standard of service from the 1,200 registered valuers it oversees.

"I’d like to welcome Ms Murdoch, and welcome back Mr Gamby, to the Board."