Appointments to Earthquake Commission Board

  • Gerry Brownlee
Earthquake Commission

Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission Gerry Brownlee has announced one new appointment and two reappointments to the Board of the Earthquake Commission (EQC).

“I am pleased to re-appoint Sir Maarten Wevers as Chairman for a further term of three years commencing 1 June 2016,” Mr Brownlee says.

“Mary Jane Daly, who has been a board member since March 2014, has been elevated to the position of Deputy Chair for the remainder of her term, which is set to conclude in February 2017.

“EQC’s strategic planning and insurance expertise is being further bolstered with the appointment of Tim Hurdle, who has knowledge of the wider insurance market and regulations and a good understanding of government process.”

Mr Hurdle worked for IAG New Zealand before being appointed as an advisor in Mr Brownlee’s office in 2009, and played a key role in developing government policy following the Canterbury Earthquakes. Mr Hurdle has been working for Downer Construction since 2013.

Mr Brownlee expressed his gratitude to Keith Taylor and his fellow retiring board member Russell Black for their respective contributions. In particular he recognised the commitment of Keith Taylor who has served on EQC’s board since 2006 and has been Deputy Chair for much of this time.

“I recognise the significant personal commitment and support that Keith has given to EQC over the last 10 years, especially in the period following the Canterbury earthquakes, when the organisation was required to grow and transform in response to the disaster,” Mr Brownlee says.