Appointment of the Transfund New Zealand Board

  • Maurice Williamson

Transport Minister, Maurice Williamson, announced the appointment today of Michael Gross, Dr Helen Anderson, John Anderson, Bob Browne and David Dew to the Transfund New Zealand Board.

From 1 July Transfund will be responsible for allocating resources to our roading system. Transit New Zealand will continue managing and operating the State Highway system, while Transfund will take over its road funding functions. This move is in line with the Governments philosophy of splitting the funding and provision of a service, Mr Williamson said.

Transfund will also have the power to consider funding alternatives to roading. An example of this is that Transfund will be able to assess whether more funding for passenger transport in congested urban areas has greater benefits than building additional roads.

Bob Browne and David Dew are on the Transit Authority. Mr Browne is a Senior
Partner in Auckland accountancy firm Mabee, Halstead and Kiddle and Mr Dew is a
lawyer and Member of the Marlborough District Council.

John Anderson, from Wellington is Managing Director of LG Anderson Ltd and Chairman of the New Zealand Road Transport Association. Dr Helen Anderson is a
researcher from Otago University and was involved with the Science Priority Review Panel.

Michael Gross has been appointed as the Chair of the Transfund Board. He was
Chair of the Transfund Establishment Board and previously on the Northland
Regional Council.

Not only has the Board been carefully selected so that it has the necessary skills and representatives from the industry, but membership has a good geographic spread, Mr Williamson said