Appointment to the Takeovers Panel

  • Craig Foss

Commerce Minister Craig Foss has welcomed the appointment of Tony Pigou to the Takeovers Panel.

Tony Pigou will succeed current member Colin Giffney on 7 January 2013.

“Mr Pigou will bring value and expertise to the position. As part of the Takeovers Panel he will play an important role in ensuring transparent and equitable takeover processes,” says Mr Foss.

Mr Pigou has been appointed for a five year term.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin Giffney for his significant contribution to the Panel’s enforcement and law reform policies since his appointment in 2001,” says Mr Foss.


Tony Pigou is a consultant and advisor to Crown Fibre Holdings Limited.  Mr Pigou has had a successful career in investment banking and finance over 25 years and has led many high profile initial public offerings, capital raisings takeovers, and merger and acquisition transactions.

Further information on the Takeovers Panel can be located at: