Appointment to the Library and Information Advisory Commission

  • Hon Tracey Martin
Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin today announced the appointment of Te Paea Paringatai as member of the Library and Information Advisory Commission.

The Library and Information Advisory Commission has a statutory role to provide the Minister with independent advice on library and information issues, including mātauranga Māori and access to library and information services. The Commission also advices the Minister on the role of library and information services, in the cultural and economic life of New Zealand and any other requested matters.

Ms Paringatai will join David Reeves as chair and other current members, Dr Judith Johnston, Helen Tait, Carolyn Robertson and Matthew Oliver.

Ms Paringatai will bring her knowledge of mātauranga Māori, as well as her experience in library and information systems, ensuring the Commission has the expertise to continue providing high quality advice to the Minister.

Ms Paringatai’s term commenced from 20 November 2018.