Appointment of Crown Solicitor at Tauranga

  • Doug Graham

The Attorney-General, Hon D.A.M. Graham, today announced the appointment of Gregory Hollister-Jones as Crown Solicitor at Tauranga.

Mr Graham said this is the first time that a Crown Solicitor has been appointed to Tauranga.

'The appointment reflects the fact that Tauranga is a fast-growing community with its own identity and an increasing local incidence of crime,' he said.

Mr Hollister-Jones has been a Barrister Sole in Tauranga since 1992. He plans to form a new firm in the city bringing in other experienced partners.

He graduated with an LLB Hons from Victoria University of Wellington in 1982. After admission to the Bar he joined the firm of Young Swan Morrison McKay in Wellington.

He spent a year in London with Park Nelson Solicitors in 1985. In 1987 he joined the Auckland Crown Solicitor's firm of Meredith Connell.

Mr Hollister-Jones has been a member of the panel of prosecutors with the Crown Solicitor at Rotorua since 1993.

He is Chairman of the Bay of Plenty Courts Committee and a member of the Bay of Plenty District Legal Services Committee.

Mr Hollister-Jones is a member of the evaluation committee and a council member of the Waikato Bay of Plenty District Law Society.