Appointment to the Board of Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin today announced the reappointment of Hon Paul Swain and the appointment of Rebecca Keoghan to the Board of Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Minister Martin congratulated Mr Swain on his reappointment as Chair and Ms Keoghan on her appointment to the Board into the role of Deputy Chair.

“I look forward to Mr Swain’s continued leadership of the Board as his institutional knowledge and positive working relationships will continue to make an important contribution to the success of the Board”.

Minister Martin also expressed her satisfaction at being able to appoint Ms Keoghan to the Board. “Rebecca Keoghan brings diverse governance experience and expertise in health and safety to the Board table. I am confidence that her knowledge of first responder issues, and her rural perspective, will also be invaluable as part of the Board’s decision-making”.

The Minister noted the work of Dr Nicola Crauford and Peter Drummond, who have now ended their terms on the Board. “Both Dr Crauford and Mr Drummond have been hard-working, effective members and I wish them well,” she said.

Hon Paul Swain has been reappointed for a two-year term and Ms Keoghan has been appointed for a three-year term.