APEC brings new jobs to Auckland

  • Roger Sowry
Social Services, Work and Income

The sharp jump in job advertisements picked up by the ANZ Bank survey is proof that APEC meeting is providing a boost to the Auckland economy, said the Hon Roger Sowry, Minister Work and Income.

"Hosting APEC in Auckland is huge for New Zealand - it will have spin-offs for tourism, hosting major events, and it will raise awareness of New Zealand all over the world," Mr Sowry said.

"And we're already seeing some of the direct benefits - with job ads up 6.2% from July to August."

Ads were up 2.6% in Auckland from July and 2.1% up in Wellington, a result which the ANZ analysts said was "a strong result for this time of year".

Labour has constantly complained about APEC and tried to take the shine off the event, which will put Auckland firmly in the international spotlight.

"Finally Helen Clark has run out of steam on APEC, and Auckland can get on with hosting the event and showcasing New Zealand," Mr Sowry said.