Anti-dumping duties imposed on South African galvanised wire

  • Lianne Dalziel

Commerce Minister Lianne Dalziel has imposed final anti-dumping duties on galvanised wire from South Africa.

The final duties, which replace provisional duties imposed in October, have been set at threshold levels that remove the damage to the New Zealand galvanised wire industry caused by dumping. The duties could range from nil to 54% of the Customs value, depending on the price of the imported wire.

"The duties were imposed following a six-month investigation by the Ministry of Economic Development which found the majority of galvanised wire imported from South Africa is being dumped, and is damaging New Zealand's producer of galvanised wire," said Lianne Dalziel.

Dumping occurs when goods are sold to New Zealand importers at less than their normal value in the country of origin. The investigation found that South African galvanised wire is being sold to New Zealand importers at prices up to 48% less than to buyers in South Africa.

“The duties are not intended to prevent competition from imports of galvanised wire from South Africa, but they should ensure that galvanised wire from South Africa is sold at fair prices that do not damage the New Zealand industry,” said Lianne Dalziel.

Final anti-dumping duties will apply to galvanised steel wire of high, medium and low tensile strength between 2mm and 4.5mm in diameter, but not to galvanised steel spring wire AS1472 exceeding 4.00 mm in diameter.