Annette King repeats Labour's lies on health

  • Bill English

Annette King continues to repeat Labour's lies about its health budget, Treasurer Bill English said today.

"On last night's televised health debate Ms King told the audience that Labour would spend another $175 million in its first year on health and that most of it would go on elective surgery. But Labour's budget has only an extra $5million in the health line that year.

"What is going on here? Can Ms King not read a budget?

"Ms King has said Labour would spend $175 million extra on health in its first year, $275 million the next year and $375 million in the third year. But Dr Cullen has only put aside an extra $5 million, $110 million and $210 million for health over the next three years. Nothing about what Ms King is saying and what Dr Cullen has budgeted stacks up.

"The discrepancy is so blatant it beggars belief that Labour would dare repeat it. It is a deception, pure and simple, and it cannot be allowed to continue. Many New Zealanders are relying on the promises Labour is making and they are going to find out too late that these promises are as digitally enhanced as Labour's billboards.

"Labour is already planning to raise $2.4 billion more in tax than National. If Labour was to fulfil the health promises Annette King is making, it would have to raise even more tax," said Mr English.