Anderton will get own way on Capital Gains Tax

  • David Carter
Associate Minister of Revenue

"A change of Government will equal Capital Gains Tax."

"The statement by Jim Anderton yesterday that he wants a Capital Gains Tax means it is a dead cert for a Labour/Alliance Coalition," says Associate Revenue Minister Hon David Carter.

"Jim Anderton is the strong man in the Labour/Alliance Coalition and he will walk all over Helen Clark with his vision for increased tax."

"Clark is just too weak to stand up to the bulldozer tactics of Anderton, despite her claim that she doesn't support the introduction of new Capital Gains and Death Duties taxes."

Mr Carter said the Alliance's economic development policy unveiled yesterday raised more questions than it answered.

"They still haven't told us where the extra taxation will come from. Who exactly are the wealthy the Alliance intends to target?"

"Ordinary New Zealanders earning an average income would be horrified to discover they were the wealthy, that Jim Anderton intends to rip off."

"And for the 75 percent of New Zealanders who invest in their own homes, the introduction of a Capital Gains Tax will be a huge blow to their retirement plans."