Anderton-Cullen problems won't go away

  • Bill English

Dr Cullen and Jim Anderton may have kissed and made up this morning, but the underlying problems in their relationship won't go away, Treasurer Bill English said today.

"Dr Cullen is curbing his arrogance today, but the problems haven't gone away.

"The truth about Dr Cullen's budget is that there is hardly any money for a government to put future budgets together.

Money available for new policies ($m, GST incl)
2000/01 - 2001/02 - 2002/03

National's budget
310 - 920 - 1,470

Available for new spending under National
310 - 610 - 550

Labour's budget
254 - 263 - 470

Available for new spending under Labour
254 - 9 - 207

"The Labour caucus might as well forget about having any new ideas over the next three years. And Jim Anderton is going to have to learn how to behave
like a poodle because he'll have no reason to turn up for work if Labour wins the election.

"Short of reneging on Labour's own promises, Dr Cullen has only got one possible way of giving Jim Anderton any money to spend and that is to put taxes up.

"Dr Cullen is already planning to ask every New Zealander who earns more than $200 a week to help pay for his promises. If he intends paying for any of Mr
Anderton's promises he'll have to put taxes up even more.

"While National is concentrating on how we grow the economic cake, Dr Cullen and Jim Anderton are squabbling about who gets to eat it," said Mr English.