Anderton "Absolutely Irresponsible"

  • David Carter
Senior Citizens

Today's comments by Jim Anderton attacking National's stance on superannuation are "absolutely irresponsible" says the Minister for Senior Citizens, Hon David Carter.

"His allegation that superannuation would be means-tested or brought down to the level of the unemployment benefit is baseless and scurrilous."

"Jim Anderton is again enjoying scaremongering the elderly, without any foundation to his claims."

"As the proportion of retirees in our population approaches 22 percent, superannuation is clearly an issue for all New Zealanders. But the leader of the Alliance has no answers or constructive solutions, apart from joining with Labour to substantially increase taxes."

"Jim Anderton has signalled today that he intends to use retired people this year as a political football. All he's looking for is brownie points."

"If Mr Anderton and his party wanted to be responsible, the Alliance should join the Superannuation 2000 Taskforce and take part in finding a constructive solution to the problem of looking after our rapidly-ageing population."