• Winston Peters

First we had Alamein Kopu leave Mana Motuhake and the Alliance. She did not enjoy being shouted at by Mana Motuhake.

Second, we had Phillida Bunkle saying she will campaign for an Alliance Government at the next election even though her Green Party has decided to go it alone.

Third, we had the Green Party pulling out of the Alliance, but with two of their members, Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald staying on in the Alliance.

Fourth up, we had Liberal Party member Frank Grover previously signalling his party would be forced to consider its future in the Alliance if the Greens were to leave.

Now Mr Grover says the Liberals are meeting next weekend to talk about its future, but "he would recommend the party remain within the Alliance." (Northern Advocate, 24 November 1997)

It seems Mr Anderton has no shortage of drama queens to deal with in his own ecologically toxic glasshouse.

When Sandra Lee leaves, as she must, the Alliance party will have to rename itself. They won't have any allies, just a rump of New Labour misfits.

Labour will be without a potential Coalition partner.

The public deserve stability and they know they won't get it from a left wing coalition of Labour and a number of individuals, collectively called the Alliance.