Allegations Of Selling Information A Serious Matter - Bradford

  • Max Bradford

The Government regards allegations of public servants selling confidential information with the gravest concern, Revenue Minister Max Bradford said today.

"I have written to Act Finance Spokesman Rodney Hide to ask that he cooperates with the IRD and Police investigation," Mr Bradford said.

"I would expect Mr Hide to fully co-operate. To this end arrangements have been made for IRD and Police investigators to meet with him this afternoon.

"The Government is following the allegations in a variety of ways, and as a matter of urgency, to establish how widespread the alleged problem is.

"The Government is investigating a number of matters in relation to the allegations, and the public can be assured that every conceivable step will be taken to protect and enhance the integrity of IRD.

"I am preparing a number of initiatives at present to address the matters raised, and will release them publicly in due course."