Ahuriri Hapū Claims Settlement Bill Introduced

  • Hon Andrew Little
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations

The Waitangi Tribunal has today released a report recommending the introduction of the Ahuriri Hapū Claims Settlement Bill once Mana Ahuriri Trust undertake to hold trustee elections.

“I am pleased the Waitangi Tribunal has made practical recommendations for how the Ahuriri Hapū settlement should proceed. I will today be introducing the Ahuriri Hapū Claims Settlement Bill,” Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister Andrew Little says.

Introduction of the Bill follows discussions with Mana Ahuriri Trust representatives, who have undertaken to hold elections prior to the Bill’s enactment.

The Bill gives effect to the Ahuriri Hapū deed of settlement signed on 2 November 2016.

The historical Treaty of Waitangi claims of Ahuriri Hapū will be settled through the deed of settlement.  The settlement includes a Crown apology, $19.5 million in financial and commercial redress and the right to buy shares in the Kaweka and Gwavas Crown Forest Licensed lands. Heipipi Pa and Conservation House in Napier will be vested in Ahuriri Hapū as cultural redress.

In recognition of ongoing connection of Ahuriri Hapū to the Ahuriri Estuary the settlement will also establish a permanent statutory committee called Te Komiti Muriwai o Te Whanga. The purpose of the Komiti is to promote the protection and enhancement of the environmental, economic, social, spiritual, historical and cultural values of Te Muriwai o Te Whanga (Ahuriri Estuary) for present and future generations.

A summary of this settlement can be found online: