Agreement in Principle signed with Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū

  • Christopher Finlayson
Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations

The Crown today signed an agreement in principle towards settling historical Treaty of Waitangi claims with the Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū from the Hawke’s Bay, Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Minister Christopher Finlayson announced today.

“The Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū were subjected to extensive land confiscations in the Mohaka/Waikare area and were wrongfully detained following military engagement with the Crown,” Mr Finlayson said. “This agreement will help right the wrongs of the past and help hapū build strong futures.”

The Agreement in Principle sets out at a broad redress package which includes historical, cultural, financial and commercial redress to settle the historical Treaty of Waitangi claims of the Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū.

This includes financial redress of $23 million plus interest and the cultural redress that includes part of Opouahi Station, recognising the cultural importance of the Maungaharuru range and Tutira areas

“This agreement is an important step in our journey towards meeting the Government’s aspirational target of settling all historical claims in a just and durable way by 2014,” Mr Finlayson said.

Representatives and members of Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū travelled to Wellington to attend the ceremony at parliament.

The Crown and Maungaharuru Tangitu hapū will now start negotiations towards a Deed of Settlement, which will set out the redress in detail. Once a draft Deed is completed, it will be put to the hapū for a vote. If ratified, the Deed will be signed and legislation introduced into Parliament to implement the settlement. This is likely to take place in the next two years.