Agreed statement from NZEI, PPTA and the Minister of Education


On Friday 19th May, Minister Tinetti facilitated a meeting between NZEI and PPTA with the Ministry of Education to discuss options for finding a way forward in the current stalled collective bargaining.

The meeting was constructive, and the parties shared a willingness to work towards a solution. The following was agreed:

  • All strike notices will be suspended, and no further industrial action will continue or occur while this agreement is in place.
  • The Ministry will work with urgency to explore options for a revised offer.
  • The Minster will continue to support the Ministry of Education, NZEI and PPTA to work together to negotiate an achievable solution.
  • No further public communication will occur.
  • This agreement remains in place until 30th May 2023 unless otherwise agreed.
  • The agreement can be extended beyond the 30th May 2023 by mutual agreement by all parties if required.