Advisory Committee On Biodiversity Appointed

  • Simon Upton

Environment Minister, Simon Upton, announced today the appointment of an advisory committee for the development of a National Policy
Statement (NPS) on biodiversity.

"The NPS on biodiversity, under the Resource Management Act, will provide guidance on identifying and protecting significant natural areas. A
good quality National Policy Statement will generate greater regulatory certainty in this potentially contentious area," Mr Upton said.

"The advisory committee will help shape a proposed NPS. It will need to weigh land-owners' interests with our responsibilities in sustaining
biodiversity. We need practical solutions that will work on the ground and enjoy the support of the whole community".

"Securing valuable habitat on private property depends on the good will and commitment of the people who own and live on the land".

The following people have been appointed:
John Kneebone (Chair)
Kevin Prime,
Mark Christensen,
Judith Roper-Lindsay.

Mr Kneebone is a past president of Federated Farmers. He has been a member of the Waitangi Tribunal for more than ten years and holds
numerous executive positions in the public and private sector. Kevin Prime, Managing Director Prime Holdings Ltd, has extensive interest and
experience in conservation and environmental issues. Mark Christensen, Partner, Russell McVeagh McKenzie Bartleet, brings expertise in
environmental law. Judith Roper-Lindsay is a resource management specialist and is currently Principal Manager, Ecology, Boffa Miskell Ltd.

"I have every confidence this committee, under Mr Kneebone's leadership, have the 'hands on' experience, expertise and understanding of the
issues necessary for the task. They will advise the government on the content of a NPS later in the year," Mr Upton concluded.