Addington Prison To Be Phased Out By New Remand Unit At Paparua

  • Nick Smith

Corrections Minister, Nick Smith, announced today that a new remand unit will be built at Christchurch Prison next year eventually replacing the old city prison at Addington.

The new remand facility will be built adjacent to Paparua Prison within the perimeter of the recently announced new security fence. The new unit will accommodate 180 inmates in a specialist remand facility and is programmed to be completed in 1999, at an estimated cost of $25 million.

"Addington is one of New Zealand's oldest prisons and its conditions are below an acceptable standard - particularly for remand inmates who may not have been found guilty or sentenced for any crime. Nor is the Prison well sited being in the middle of a residential and congested part of the city. The old prison is also a lot more difficult to make secure. It is intended to phase out Addington Prison over the next three to five years.

"The new facility will have a number of advantages. The modern cells will be safer for both the public and inmates. It will also enable a complete separation of remand and sentenced inmates. The new remand unit will also be more cost effective for the taxpayer both in terms of building maintenance, support services and staffing," said Dr Smith.

Dr Smith said that while no formal resource consent will be required for the new remand facility, the Department of Corrections will be consulting with the local community.