• Winston Peters
Deputy Prime Minister

Yesterday I predicted Owen Jennings would be chosen as the ACT candidate for the Taranaki / King Country by-election, Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters said.

"Mr Jennings is a carpetbagger from the South Island who has a proven track record of damaging farmers.

"As a Federated Farmers Leader he was happy to see the dollar soaring through the roof damaging farming exports.

"Mr Jennings selection reminds me of an old joke in the Stalinist years. It went like this: Have you heard about the burglar who broke into the Kremlin?... He stole next year's election results.

"Everyone knows the whole ACT selection process has been a sham as will be the carpetbagging campaign from the South Island, financed with corporate money.

"But the voters of the Taranaki / King Country electorate will know that a vote for Mr Jennings is a vote for Alamein.