Accommodations Part And Parcel Of Mmp

  • Tony Ryall
Local Government

Helen Clark should be smart enough to realise electoral accommodations are part and parcel of MMP, State Owned Enterprises Minister Tony Ryall said today.

"National will work with other parties to stop the Labour-Alliance bloc from ruining our country.

"The lack lustre line up which passes as the Opposition frontbench have nothing to offer New Zealanders, but failed ideas - the same failed ideas already rejected by voters in the last three elections.

"Helen Clark is desperately trying to recover ground. She has finally realised her 'say nothing, do nothing but put up taxes' strategy is unravelling.

"The Labour-Alliance bloc has agreed to encourage each others voters to support whichever candidate will beat National's choice. It makes sense for National to work with other parties to combat that Labour-Alliance plan."