ACC Reforms Bring Improved Health And Safety Of Workers

  • Max Bradford
Accident Insurance

A survey shows the ACC reforms are already prompting employers to make workplaces safer, Enterprise and Commerce Minister Max Bradford said today.

A UMR Insight poll found that 53 per cent of employers contacted said they had undertaken a health and safety review in preparation for the new ACC insurance system.

Under the reforms, which have introduced competition into the accident insurance market, employers are free to choose the insurer to cover their workforce against accident and injury.

Mr Bradford said employers now had greater financial incentives to improve workplace safety and were already acting accordingly.

"Employers who demonstrate a commitment to worker health and safety will have this reflected in the premiums they pay.

"It's very simple, fewer accidents mean lower premiums."

Similarly, there was an expectation that private sector insurers would be much tougher on enforcing health and safety plans than ACC had been, he said.

"The new system will more fairly reward those employers who take a responsible approach to minimising workplace hazards.

"It will also lead to a more responsive and efficient accident insurance market," Mr Bradford said.