Acc Legislation Benefits All New Zealanders

  • Marie Hasler
Associate Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance

Introducing competition and choice into the accident compensation arena will benefit all New Zealanders, former factory inspector the Hon Marie Hasler Associate Minister of ACC said today.

Commenting on the passing of the ACC legislation in Parliament, Ms Hasler, who spent two years committed to injury prevention in the workplace, said employers now have the right incentives to achieve safe workplaces and assist injured employees back into the work force.

"The Accident Insurance Bill allows employers to reduce the incidence and cost of work-related injuries to New Zealanders and to New Zealand as a whole.

"The Bill reforms the way we deliver insurance and compensation in the workplace by allowing private providers into the market to compete with a Government created SOE.

"The National Government is committed to workplace safety and bringing the cost of work-related injuries down for all New Zealanders.

"Any attempts by Labour to change or repeal this legislation lacks sensibility and foresight," Ms Hasler said.