• Peter McCardle
Associate Minister of Work and Income

"Over the past year around 82,000 people have cancelled their Community Wage Jobseeker benefit because they have got a job," Associate Work and Income Minister Peter McCardle said today.

"That is up over two per cent on the previous year's figure, and took place in a difficult job year when the number of available jobs fell by two and a half per cent. WINZ's new approach of actively helping people into work (known as case management) is clearly succeeding," he said.

"Most were not placed directly into work by WINZ, and got jobs by themselves, so WINZ does not get the credit in official figures for direct placements. However providing support and motivation through personal case managers to all jobseekers is a key reason for the creation of WINZ.

"The majority of jobseekers lack the most basic knowledge of how to look for or obtain work effectively, but are being taught those skills by WINZ. A positive trend is also evident among people on the Domestic Purposes Benefit, who are now required to be available for work if they have children over six.

"A record 9753 sole parents have left the DPB and gone into jobs over the past year. That is the highest number ever, and an increase of around 20 per cent on the previous year. There are enormous gains to those people personally in becoming independent and gaining a foothold in the job market.

"And there are gains too for taxpayers, who have saved $78 million in lower DPB payments in the last financial year," Mr McCardle concluded.