60 Community Groups Come Out in Support of Community Wage

  • Peter McCardle
Associate Minister of Social Services, Work and Income (Work and Income)

The Associate Minister of Social Services, Work and Income Peter McCardle is delighted at the public support given to the Community Wage by two major umbrella organisations finding work and training opportunities for the unemployed in Auckland.

The Pasifika Employment and Development Trust represents more than 30 Pacific Islands groups, and has revealed it is 100 per cent behind the work and training opportunities which the Community Wage will provide.

The Manukau Urban Maori Authority is also throwing its weight behind the new Government policy. It co-ordinates more than 30 groups working among South Auckland Maori, and plays a similar training and employment role to the Waipareira Trust in West Auckland.

They will both be providing training and work positions for people on the Community Wage. They are both CBOs (Community Broker Organisations) and together represent more than 60 Auckland community groups.

Mr McCardle said "The support shown by these Trusts parallels the enthusiasm shown for the Community Wage by John Tamihere's Waipareira Trust, and is significant because a large percentage of New Zealand's unemployed are Maori or Polynesian.

"There is a great need for work experience and training amongst the people they represent, and that is exactly what the Community Work projects will provide. Both Trusts have a long history of helping their local job seekers under current schemes such as Community Taskforce, and that will continue when the Community Work projects begin.

"Needless to say, this endorsement once again gives the lie to Opposition claims that there is no community support for the Community Wage. As I have indicated earlier, the changes are strongly supported by many diverse groups including schools, Councils, mayors and work Trusts nationwide," Mr McCardle said.


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