$400k for more TV caption and audio services

  • Nicky Wagner
  • Amy Adams
Disability Issues Broadcasting

The Government is welcoming NZ on Air’s decision to allocate a further $400,000 for increased TV caption and audio services.

NZ On Air will provide the additional funding to Able, a charitable trust which will deliver an increase in captioned and audio described content.

Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams says the funding will mean a greater number of programmes on free-to-air television will be accessible to the hearing and vision impaired.  

“In the 2014-15 financial year, Able received $2.4 million from NZ On Air which funded 256 captioned hours and 31 hours of audio description per week. Thanks to this funding, 100 per cent of primetime content on TVNZ channels is now captioned.

“This new funding brings the total to nearly $3 million and shows NZ On Air’s real commitment to better accessibility for those who need it,” Ms Adams says.

Disability Issues Minister Nicky Wagner also welcomes the increase.

“Promoting access to mainstream services in the community is a priority area in the Government’s Disability Action Plan.

“The increase in captioning and audio-description will mean more hearing and sight-impaired people can access and enjoy programmes other people take for granted.

“The benefits of captioning also extend to older people who are hard of hearing and those with English as a second language,” Ms Wagner says.