• Nick Smith
Associate Minister of Education

Associate Education Minister, Nick Smith, today presented plans projecting 36 new schools in the Auckland area to a meeting of Mayors, their chief executives and Members of Parliament.

"The Government is determined to properly plan for the future education needs of Auckland's growing number of children. The Ministry of Education has undertaken extensive analysis of last year's census data to identify the number and location of new schools and additional classrooms needed. The Government has provided $222.6 million for growth over the past three years and is committed to providing additional funds to ensure schools are resourced for that growth."

The demographic studies show that Auckland school rolls will grow by 20,000 pupils by 2001 and a further 18,900 by 2011. To accommodate this growth, the Government is planning to build 24 new primary schools, four new intermediate schools and eight new secondary schools. The growth will also be accommodated through expansion of existing schools with 400 classrooms per year planned to be built over each of the next five years. Sites for eleven of the new schools have already been purchased.

"Auckland's growth poses a huge challenge for the Ministry of Education and the Government. We need to consult closely with local authorities and communities to ensure that we develop the right answers. Today's meeting is just part of the process of carefully planning and providing for Auckland's educational property needs."