2Ghz Auction

  • Paul Swain
Communications and Information Technology

Minister of Communications Paul Swain, confirmed today that the auction of a key part of the 2GHz spectrum had concluded.

The auction resumed on 8 January following its suspension in December 2000 to give bidders the opportunity to fully consider the government’s announcements in response to the Ministerial Inquiry into Telecommunications.

New rules were also implemented effectively splitting the auction into two parts, enabling each part to be concluded when there was a clear round in it.

“There was a clear round today for the key section of the auction which includes management rights suitable for second and third generation mobile phone services.

“Bidding for this part of the auction closed at $133 million”, Paul Swain said.

“Second generation spectrum has been purchased by Telecom, Clear, Vodafone, Telstra Saturn and Northelia, and third generation spectrum by Telecom, Clear, Vodafone and Telstra Saturn.

“The primary purpose of the auction has been to ensure that the spectrum is allocated efficiently and transparently to the parties who value it the most.

"With the conclusion of the auction, new mobile networks capable of supporting high speed data can now be rolled-out.

"The prices achieved mean good news for consumers. Low prices, compared to those obtained overseas, will ultimately benefit consumers.

“The auction will continue from next Thursday for the other part of the spectrum on offer – a large number of spectrum licences. I anticipate that this part of the auction will draw to a close in the near future,” Paul Swain said.

Results are provisional until verification of compliance with acquisition limits and Commerce Act requirements.