• Maurice Williamson
Research, Science and Technology

The Minister of Research, Science and Technology, the Hon Maurice Williamson has today announced the 1997 Marsden
Fund Awards.

The Marsden Fund is for the support of scientific and technological research which is characterised by excellence, irrespective of topic or science area.

"As New Zealand's future is within the knowledge society, excellence in knowledge development will be one key to our success," said the Minister.

"The Marsden Fund supports a wide range of research activities which have the potential to produce major leaps in understanding and discoveries that could change our view of the world.

"Commitment to the Marsden Fund has increased dramatically from $5.9million in 1994, to $22million this year and a projected growth in the future to 10% of the Public Good Science Fund.

"This year is especially notable in that proposals from the Humanities were sought and all new Awards will be fully funded," said Mr Williamson.

A full list of the awards and their topics is now available on the Royal Society of New Zealand's website