$1.7 million for research to improve student outcomes

  • Hekia Parata

Education Minister Hekia Parata has welcomed funding of $1.7 million from the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) for research projects to improve educational outcomes for students.

Eight recipients receive funding in the 2014 research programme for work to enhance the links between educational research and teaching and learning.

“These projects are in line with what the Government is focused on in terms of raising educational achievement,” says Ms Parata.

“They cover all the stages a child passes through in education and focus on what happens in the teaching and learning context.  For example, two projects focus on innovative use of technology in the classroom and another project looks at how teachers build on the learning kids bring to school.

“The winning formula is that they’re all partnerships involving teachers and researchers. We know that research must be useful in practice.”

The TLRI was established by the Government in response to a need for more investment in educational research focused on teaching and learning. To date 117 projects have been funded.

For further information on the recipients of the grants go to www.tlri.org.nz