$1.4 Million Contract For Community Health Initiatives Signed

  • Wyatt Creech
International Trade

Health Minister Wyatt Creech signed a contract today giving the green light to new primary health services being set up providing for those in our most disadvantaged communities.

The $1.4 million contract with Healthcare Aotearoa to provide for up to seven new primary health services has been sealed between the Minister and Healthcare Aotearoa representatives today.

"A fund of $1 million has been established to provide start-up capital and on-going support for the new primary services.

"Now the contract is signed, Healthcare Aotearoa can get down to business. The services will be set up in areas where the need for better health services is high.

"Newtown Union Health Service in Wellington is a good example of a Healthcare Aotearoa health centre. It caters for a broad range of cultures, and is proactive in educating people about immunisation. This new funding will help extend this network of providers.

"Healthcare Aotearoa has a track record as an important provider of services for vulnerable people within the community, who have traditionally been noted for less than desirable use of health services" said Mr Creech.