1199 New Properties

  • Tony Ryall
Housing New Zealand Ltd

The Minister responsible for Housing New Zealand, Tony Ryall, today released information which showed that Housing New Zealand had built an additional 223 homes around New Zealand and had leased access to a further 976

homes in high demand areas, during the 1997/98 financial year. Of the 1199 new properties 1083 were in the Auckland area.

"This would not have been possible if HNZ were not intent on working in greater partnership with the private sector", said Mr Ryall.

"HNZ is focused toward improving the quality and availability of housing for those low income New Zealanders with unmet housing needs", said Mr Ryall.

"As I said last week, following Housing New Zealand's appearance before the Social Services Select Committee, the acquisition of new properties in Auckland is one of the key challenges faced by HNZ, and I expect their performance in this area to improve. I have raised this issue with the company and intend following its performance on this issue closely.

"What is pleasing is that HNZ is continually looking at more innovative ways of providing access to homes for its target customers. 976 of the properties acquired this past year were not direct purchases but rather the company entering into leasing arrangements with the private sector. Working in partnership with the private sector in this way is helping Housing New Zealand to enhance the quality of and access to housing, which the company in turn offers low income New Zealanders," said Mr Ryall.