110km/h speed limits for selected roads

  • Tim Macindoe

Motorists will now be able to travel up to 110 kilometres per hour on some of New Zealand’s key expressways, made possible by the Government’s significant investment in new and safer roads, Associate Transport Minister Tim Macindoe announced today.

“The Government has invested heavily in our roads, with a focus on making them safer and cutting travel times for motorists and freight,” Mr Macindoe says.

“With our initial seven Roads of National Significance – with enhanced safety features – either complete or under construction, we can begin rolling out faster speed limits in certain areas.”

Mr Macindoe says faster speed limits will initially be rolled out to the Tauranga Eastern Link, and parts of the Waikato Expressway.

Other roads currently under construction, such as Pūhoi to Warkworth and the southern section of the Christchurch Motorway (once the second stage is completed) will be considered in future.

“Our investment in the national roading network means we are already significantly improving travel times while also ensuring our roads are safer, and the new speed limit will build on that,” Mr Macindoe says.

“This will allow New Zealanders to get to where they need to be faster.

“The faster 110 kilometres per hour speed limit will only apply to stretches of roads built to a standard where the higher speed limit is both safe and appropriate. This includes having at least two lanes in each direction, a median barrier, no significant curves and no direct access to neighbouring properties.

“Our new Roads of National Significance are our safest roads – with no fatalities to date. This change strikes the right balance between ensuring the safety of road users and faster travel times for our motorists and freight.

“The Government is committed to providing the infrastructure New Zealand needs as a growing country, and that’s why we’re spending over $30 billion over the next four years on schools, hospitals, roads and other public infrastructure.”

The 110km/h speed limit will be in effect on roads that already meet the criteria before the end of the year.