• Jim Bolger
Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon J B Bolger today announced a $1 million one-off allocation for iwi social services development.

Mr Bolger announced the funding decision while addressing the launch of the Hawkes Bay Maori Business Association in Napier.

Iwi social service programmes enable Maori whanau to take responsibility for the care and protection needs of their young people, and reduce the role of state agencies, said Mr Bolger.

The first contract for iwi social services has been operating with Ngati Ruanui since late 1994.

The target is to have 15 new iwi social services up and running by the end of 1997. Nearly 40 iwi have indicated an interest in becoming iwi social services accredited.

The location of these iwi will be dependent on an assessment of the relative preparedness to undertake and deliver iwi social service contract responsibilities.

The full cost would be $1 million (GST exclusive) spread over two years, $250,000 in 1996/97 and $750,000 in 1997/98.

We are confident that this will improve further the delivery of social services, and at the same time empower Maori families, the Prime Minister said.