Schooling Strategy set to make a difference

  • Trevor Mallard

Minister of Education Trevor Mallard today launched the Ministry of Education's Schooling Strategy that identifies three priority action areas for education.

Called Making a Bigger Difference for all Students, the Schooling Strategy has been developed over the past 18 months with input from schools and their communities, Trevor Mallard said at a launch at Newlands Intermediate, Wellington, today.

Also present were representatives of key school sector organisations who had contributed to and worked collaboratively on the strategy's development.

“Our aim is to ensure all students achieve their potential,” Trevor Mallard said. “We will do that by focusing education on what makes the most difference for student learning. “

The strategy sets out three priority areas for action:

  • effective teaching for all students
  • families and whânau nurturing their children’s learning
  • using an evidence-based approach to inform best teaching practice

“This is the first time the school sector has come together to develop a strategic, collaborative framework for schooling, and it is a new approach to achieving improvements in student learning,” Trevor Mallard said.

"The government believes in quality education and equal access to it for everyone, regardless of their background. We want a focus on lifting achievement so that every student has the chance to reach his or her full potential, to contribute to New Zealand's success, socially and economically.

“Lots of students do very well in our schooling system now, but it is important that we keep focusing on improvement. The schooling strategy will improve student achievement for all students.

“The schooling strategy gives us a clear guide for action over the next five years. This means we can be sure that education policies and activities are coherent and focused on what will have the most impact.

“We are committed to listening to what education research is saying, to what teachers, principals, boards of trustees, families, and communities are telling us.”

All schools will be receiving copies of the strategy next week. To read the schooling strategy visit: